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Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What types of positions does Qwik Staffing Solutions typically staff for?
We staff a wide variety of positions; however our most common temporary positions are construction, light industrial, production and warehouse.

What trades do you offer?
We have a large workforce consisting of talented individuals that specialize in most trades in the construction industry. We also have experienced forklift operators, order pullers, production line workers and landscape personnel. To better assist you with your specific jobsite requirements, we encourage you to contact us today.

What types of construction projects do you handle?
Our project experience is as broad as the construction industry itself. We have extensive experience in the public, private and government sectors. Our past and present projects include tenant finish to large scale commercial development, municipal and infrastructure projects ranging from schools, hospitals and healthcare centers.

Do you handle Davis-Bacon Projects?
Yes. Qwik Staffing Solutions has a vast amount of experience with prevailing wage projects that involve certified payroll.

How am I billed for your services?
Our billing is quite simple. We charge an hourly rate for our employees based on their level of experience and trade, and we provide detailed billing on a weekly basis. This gives our clients the ability to know what their labor costs on a project are at all times.

What is covered by the hourly bill rate?
The hourly bill rate is all-inclusive. Since every craftsman and laborer provided by Qwik Staffing Solutions is our employee, we are able to provide a fixed bill rate to our clients that cover all employee federal and state income taxes, unemployment insurance as well as worker compensation costs.